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123Movies is currently the most popular free streaming platform in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors everyday and it has more than a decade of activity in the online streaming industry, so basically more than 10 years since the original 123Movies was created. There is a long story that involves the 123Movies streaming platform and there are also many rumors and fake news about it, but today we are here to focus more on the important reasons why you should watch all your movies and tv shows on our website.

Reasons to Choose 123Movies

We are sure you already observed a few of the most important reasons to choose 123Movies to be your main platform when it comes to watching online movies and series, but we are happy to present you a summary of them in this article. We used the past years to better understand our mission and which are the advantages of our website, that's how we managed to create the following bullet list that's full of the best reasons to start watching all your favorite movies and tv shows online on 123Movies.

It's one of the oldest - As we said in the first paragraph of this article, there are more than 10 years since 123Movies was launched for the first time in the world wide web. This website is just like wine, the older it gets, the better it tastes. You are wondering why? Because the time allowed us to work hard and we managed to build an absolutely huge database of movies and series that you can enjoy alone or with your friends, from the comfort of your home or while traveling. You have many options when it comes to watching movies on 123Movies.

It's one of the most popular - When a thing is very popular, that's not necessarily a good or bad fact, but when looking at 123Movies we can honestly say that it's a good one because the big amount of visitors that came on this website determined us to work harder and harder in order to make sure that everyone is happy with our website.

It's free - Unlike other streaming websites that declare they are free and then after a few minutes you are forced to pay if you want to keep watching a movie, 123Movies has been free ever since the first day and it will remain free until the end. We are never going to ask you for the credit card details or any other payments because our target is to keep offering people from all around the world all their favorite movies and series for free.

It's safe - In more than 10 years of activity, nobody ever had any security problems with 123Movies. We are very careful when it comes to our visitor's safety and we are using very strong security protocols to make sure nothing can infest our visitor's devices. We know that it's very hard to gain trust and very easy to lose it so we pay a lot of attention to this.

It's legal - As you probably heard before, 123Movies does not host any files on its servers so it never had any legal problems with the content that's available here. All the movies and tv shows are hosted by third party services that assumes the responsibility for those files. You, as a visitors, are not violating any laws by simply visiting a website and watching a movie or an episode for free so there is no need to stress about this thing. If you live in USA, Europe, Asia or India you can watch movies for free on 123Movies and it is not prohibited by the law.

It's easy to watch - You can watch all the movies and tv shows on our website very easy with just a few steps. First you find the movie you like from the featured list or using the search form, then enter its page and press the big play button that you can see on the middle of the screen. After pressing the button, the movie will start running and you won't be interrupted by anything.

It's offering high quality content - We never neglected the quality of the files that we published here and ever since the beginning we looked for the highest quality movies and episodes before publishing them on our platform. This is still our priority today and we can assure you that we are always posting high quality movies and tv shows on 123Movies so you can enjoy them even on your big smart TV without being bothered by the quality.